Zoology Department 

Degree (TDC) first semester to sixth semester Course And Previous year Questions paper are available.

TDC 1st Semester

Non-Chordates I: Protista to Pseudocoelomates And Principle of Ecology {getButton} $text={View} $icon={pdf} $color={Blue Colour}New

TDC 2nd Semester

Non-Chordates II: Coelomates And Cell Biology {getButton} $text={View} $icon={pdf} $color={Blue Colour}New

TDC 3rd Semester

Diversity of Chordata; Physiological controlling & Coordinating system; And Fundamentals of Bio. {getButton} $text={View} $icon={pdf} $color={Blue Colour}New

TDC 4th Semester

Comparative anatomy of Vertebrates; Physiology:Life S.S.; Biochem. Of Metabolic Process. {getButton} $text={View} $icon={pdf} $color={Blue Colour}New

TDC 5th Semester

Molecular Biology And Principles of Genetic s {getButton} $text={View} $icon={pdf} $color={Blue Colour}New

TDC 6th Semester

Developmental Biology And Evolutionary Biology {getButton} $text={View} $icon={pdf} $color={Blue Colour} New

DUPGET:Dibrugarh University Masters Entrance Test Sample paper 📜 {getButton} $text={Download} $icon={download} $color={Blue Colour}
Read: GK for B.Ed Entrance (Dibrugarh University)