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We’re Not Afraid to Die... If We can All be Together


1. List the steps taken by the captain

    i) To protect the ship when rough weather began.

Answer :- On their second day out of Cape Town, they began to encounter strong gales. For the next few weeks they blew continuously and furiously. The size of the waves was alarming. They rose up to 15 metres, as high as their main mast. The captain took certain urgent steps to protect the boat. He decided to slow down the speed of the boat. Storm jib was dropped. Heavy mooring ropes were looped across the stern. They went through their life-raft drill. Life-Lines were attached. They put on oilskins and their life jackets. But all these precautions proved inadequate. The roar of high waves increased to a thunder. Then a loud explosion shook the deck.

    ii) To check the flooding of the water in the ship.

Answer:- A torrent of green and white water broke over the ship. The captain’s head smashed into the wheel. He was aware of sinking below the waves. Suddenly, his head popped out of water. Wave walker was near capsizing. Her masts had fallen flat. He didn’t leave the wheel. His wife Mary came running. She cried that the decks were smashed and full of water. Larry and Herb were pumping water out like madmen. The whole starboard bulged inward. The captain found a hammer, screws and canvas. He struggle to make repairs. He was successful in spreading canvas over the gaping holes. Most of the water was now deflected over the sides. Another electric pumps was connected to the out-pipe. Fortunately, it worked. The water level was now quite under control.

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2. Describe the mental condition of the voyagers on 4 and 5 January.

Answer:- On January 4, the voyagers got some respite. After 36 hours of continuous pumping they could pump much of the water out. However, water was still coming in. The pumpers were to keep pace with the water. They could not set any sail on the main mast. So they hoisted the storm jib. Mary found some beef and biscuits. They ate their meal in almost two days. But their respite was short lived. At 4 pm the wind was back to 40 knots. The waves were rising higher.

                       By the dawn on January 5, the situation was again hopeless. The narrator went in to comfort the children. Jon asked if they were ‘going to die’. The narrator assured him that they would succeed. His son replied that they were not afraid of dying if they could “all be together”. The captain used an improvised sea anchor. It was made of heavy nylon rope and 22 barrels of paraffin. Those were critical moments. Mary and the narrator sat together holding their hands. They both felt that the end was very near. But Wavewalker rode out (of) the storm and the wind eased by the morning of January 6.

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3. Describe the shifts in the narration of the events as indicated in the three sections of the text. Give a subtitle to each section.

Answer:- “We’re Not Afraid to Die...” is a first person account of an adventurous ordeal experienced by a family. It is during the voyage. There are three sections of the text. The narration of events matches the mood of the voyage. The first section describes how the voyage began with great hope and fanfare in July 1976. They were attempting to duplicate the round-the-world voyage made 200 years earlier by Captain James Cook. Wave walker had been professionally built. It had been thoroughly tested in the roughest weather. They sailed down to Cape Town. The trouble started only when they left Cape Town. On January 2, the waves were gigantic. The narration of the events mirrors the hectic efforts of the captain and the crew tom protect Wave walker.

                           The second section, “Search for an Island”, describes their struggle for survival for the last 15 hours. On January 4, they ate their first meal in almost two days. But the respite was short-lived. This also captures the highly emotional response of the children. Jon declared : “We aren’t afraid of dying if we can all be together- you and Mummy, Sue and I.”

                              In the last section “Cheerful landing” the narration shifts back to the relaxed style. The captain was sure to reach Ile Amsterdam. Jon gave the good news. The island was in front of them. All the 28 inhabitants were there to cheer and help them ashore.

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