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The Voice Of The Rain 



1. There are two voices in the poem. Who do they belong to ? Which lines indicate this?

Answer:- The two voices in the poem are those of the rain and the poet. The lines which indicate this are:
i. The poet’s voice             : “And who art thou? Said I to the soft –falling shower”
ii. The voice of the rain     : “And I am the poem of the Earth”, said the voice of the rain

2. What does the phrase ‘’strange to tell’’ mean?
Answer:- The poet wants to say that it may surprise the readers to know that the rain herself answered the question posed to her..

3. There is a parallel drawn between rain and music. Which words indicate this? Explain the similarity between the two.
Answer:- No doubt, there is a parallel between rain and music.
The words which indicate the similarity between the two are:
    i. ‘Poem of the earth’-     The rain has been compared to a song or poem
    ii. ‘Soft-falling shower’-     The showers when fall produce a soft-falling music.
    iii. ‘....the voice of the rain’    The rain has a sound or music of her own.


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. How is the cyclic movement of rain brought out in the poem? Compare it with what you have learnt in science?

Answer:- Walt Whitman describes the cyclic movement of the rain. First of all, she rises out of the land and the bottomless sea in the form of water vapours. In the sky she cools down and takes the form of showers. The showers fall back to the place of their origin. Hence, the cycle is complete.

5. Why are the last two lines put within brackets?

Answer:- The last two lines put within brackets give an extended meaning to the poem. Here the poet comments on the music of the rain. The rain is like a song. The rain is the song(poem) of the earth. After rising out of the earth and completing its course, it comes back to the earth. It doesn’t matter if someone hears or notices it or not.

6. List the pairs of opposites found in the poem?

i. Land and the bottomless sea

ii. Day and night

iii. Reck’d and unreck’d.

II. Notice the following sentence patterns:

    1. And who art thou? Said I to the soft-falling shower.
    2. I am the Poem of Earth, said the voice of the rain.
    3. Eternal I rise.
    4. For song...... duly with love returns.
Rewrite the above sentences in prose

    1. The poet asked the soft-falling shower of the rain who she was.
    2. The rain expressed in its voice and said that she was the poem or the song of the earth.
    3. The water-vapours in the form of rain rise constantly out of the land and the bottomless sea for ever.
 4. The rain, the music and the song of the earth, come back to her place of origin, the earth. The song of the earth returns with love after completing its course whether someone hears it or not. 

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III. Look for some more poems on the rain and see how this one is different from them.

Answer:- Many English poets have written poems celebrating the coming of the rain. But “The voice of The Rain” is a unique rain poem. It presents a dialogue between the poet and the rain itself.


1. What question does the poet put to the rain and how does he feel when he gets the answer?

Answer:- The  poet watches the falling showers of the rain. The showers are falling very lightly producing a soft music. The poet is fascinated and asks who she is. Strangely enough, the rain herself answers the question posed to her. The poet feels really surprised to get an answer and translates the answer into his own language.

2. What answer does the rain give to the poet regarding herself and her origin?

Answer:- The rain, quite strangely, answers the question posed to her. She replies that she is the song or poem of the earth. She rises eternally day and night from the land and the bottomless sea into the sky. In the sky, vaguely, the vapours cool down and take the shape of showers and the rain.

3. What happens when the rain descends in the form of showers?

Answer:- The rain proves a blessing for the earth. When the showers of rain fall down on earth, they wash away all the droughts, dust and the other impurities of the earth. The seeds lying hidden in the earth suddenly sprout to life when it rains. So the rain gives a new lease of life to the earth.

4. Describe the never ending cycle of the rain?

Answer:- The rain goes on completing a fixed cycle day in  and day out. She rises in the form of water vapours out of the land and the bottomless sea. She rises towards the sky where when she cools down she takes the shape of showers. The showers fall back to the place of its origin- the earth. Hence, the cycle is complete.

5. What will happen if it doesn’t rain?

Answer:- The rain gives a new lease of life to the earth. When she comes to the place of her origin, the earth comes to life once again. Without the showers of rain, all seeds lying hidden in the earth will not sprout and keep on lying inside as seeds. The showers of rain bring a new life on the earth. They cause the seeds to sprout into saplings and wash down all the dust and impurities of the earth.

6. How does the rain become the voice of the earth?

Answer:- Walt Whitman calls the showers of rain as ‘the poem of the earth’. Rainy season gives a new lease of life to the scorched and parched earth. The rain makes the seeds sprout in the form of saplings. Rain makes the earth pure and beautifies it. Actually it is the voice or the song of the earth. The earth finds its expression only through the showers of the rain.

7. Justify the title ‘The Voice of the Rain’.

Answer:- The title of the poem is appropriate, just and logical. The cycle of rain is a natural phenomenon. Actually, the rain rises out of the earth and the bottomless sea in the form of water vapours. In the sky they take the shape of the rain. The light and soft music of the falling rain is actually the song of the earth itself. After wandering from the earth to the sky, it comes back to the place of its origin, the earth.

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