The Laburnum Top | Hornbill Chapter Wise Question Answer

The Laburnum Top 



1. What laburnum is called in your language?
Answer:-  In Hindi, it is called ‘Amaltaas’.

2. Which local bird is like the goldfinch?
Answer:- ‘Indian Lutino Ringneck’ is local bird like the goldfinch.


1. What do you notice about the beginning and the ending of the poem?
Answer:- In the beginning of the poem the tree is calm  & silent and in the ending, the poem ends with motionless and empty level.

2. To what is the bird’s movement compared? What is the basis for the comparison?
Answer:- The goldfinch’s movement is compared to that of a lizard. The basis of the comparison is the sleek, abrupt and alert like a lizard. The same kinds of movements are observed when the goldfinch arrives on the laburnum tree.

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3. Why is the image of the engine evoked by the poet?

Answer:-  An engine is a source of energy to run a machine. It is compared to the bird as she is too a source of energy for her family. A machine can’t work without an engine. Similarly the bird’s family can’t survive without her..

4. What do you like  most about the poem?
Answer:-  About the poem , I mostly like the simplicity and pictorial presentation of the poem. The comparison between bird’s movement with machine and lizard made  in a nice way. Also chirruping and trilling of the goldfinch.

5. What does the phrase ‘her barred face identity mask’ mean ?
Answer:- The phrase means that the bird’s barred or covered face becomes her identity mask and a  mark of recognition.


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