The Browning Version | Chapter 6

The Browning Version

HS 1st Year English Question Answer | Class 11 English Lesson 6 | Prose Section Question Answer 



1. Comment on the attitude shown by Taplow towards Crocker-Harris.

Answer:- Taplow’s attitude towards Crocker-Harris is quite mixed. He recognises his sense of discipline, sense of devotion and stoic nature. But he has a personal grudge against Mr Crocker-Harris. He has to do some extra work on the last day of school. He feels that Mr Harris is feelingless and strict. He can never be flattered. He is mighty scared of him. In spite of everything. Taplow rather likes him. Perhaps he ‘can’t help’ liking him.

        Taplow considers that Mr Crocker-Harris is not like others. He doesn’t tell the results like the other masters before they are formally announced. In this respect he is different from teachers like Frank who don’t observe the rules so strictly. Only a teacher like Mr Harris can give extra work on the last day of school. He knows no mercy. Nor can one extract any concession from him. He is a hard taskmaster. When Taplow asks Mr Harris if he has given him a remove (promotion), he gets a tricky answer. He has given him exactly what he deserves. No less; and certainly no more. Taplow thinks that he is “hardly human”. But he doesn’t consider Mr Harris a sadist. He is even worse than that. He is all “shrivelled up inside like a nut”. He doesn’t like flattery. He hates people who like or flatter him. He doesn’t like even being liked. Even Mr Frank feels envious of Mr Crocker-Harris. He has a wonderful effect on the boys. The boys seem scared to death of him.

2. Does Frank seem to encourage Taplow’s comments on Crocker-Harris?

Answer:- Frank, a young teacher, is envious of Mr Crocker-Harris. Rivalry is quite common among colleagues. The same things works here. He relishes all adverse comments against  Mr. Harris. Not only that. He even encourages Taplow, a student of Crocker-Harris, to criticise him. But he doesn’t do it openly. He subtly pretends not to like any adverse comments against Mr. Harris. Like a clever teacher, Frank prompts Taplow to pass even uncharitable remarks against Harris.

            Frank is exposed when he himself asks Taplow to imitate Mr Crocker Harris. Naturally, he enjoys Mr Harris being ridiculed by his own pupil. He even feels envious of the respect and ‘effect’ that Mr Harris enjoys on his students. Frank even incites Taplow to ‘cut’ as Mr Harris is already ten-minute late. He even encourages Taplow to share Mr.Harris’ jokes with him. But Frank pretends to have no jealousy against Mr Crocker-Harris. Taplow criticizes Mr Harris for giving him extra work. He says that he  is ‘hardly human’. Mr Frank warns Taplow that he has gone ‘much too far’ in his criticism of Mr Harris.

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3. What do you gather about Crocker-Harris from the play?

Answer:- Mr Crocker-Harris is a school master in the classical mould. He is a strict disciplinarian. He means business. He is a devoted teacher. He can’t tolerate any laxity among his students. He is a hard task –master. He never spares an erring child. He is very conscious of his duty. Even on the last day and a day before his retirement, he can give extra work to a student.

         Mr Crocker-Harris himself follows the rules very strictly. He doesn’t tell the results like the other masters. It is very difficult to read his mind. When Taplow asks if he has given him a promotion, Mr Harris sounds mysterious. He tells Taplow that he has given hit he deserves. “No less; and certainly no more.” Students ‘seem scared to death’ of him. Even Frank feels envious of the effect Mr Harris has on the boys in the class. But Mr Crocker-Harris is not a sadist. Taplow only calls him ‘frightening’. ‘He is all shrivelled up inside like a nut’. He hates flattery. No amount of flattery can move him. He doesn’t like even being liked. But in spite of everything, students like Taplow like him. Perhaps they can’t help it.

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Short Question Answer

1. Who is Frank ? Does he know Taplow?

Answer:- Frank is a young school master. He teaches in the same school in which Mr Crocker-Harris, his senior colleague teaches. Actually, Frank doesn’t know Taplow. His question to Taplow is self-explanatory. He asks Taplow: ‘Do I know you’? Taplow answer. ‘No, sir.’ Taplow is in lower fifth while Frank teaches science to the higher classes.

2. Why is Taplow worried about his ‘remove’?


Answer:- Taplow is in the lower fifth standard. He can’t specialise until he gets his ‘remove’ all right. ‘Remove’ is a certificate of promotion to the next class. He is worried about the results because much depends on how he performs in the examinations.

4. What happened on the last of sh.

Answer:- Taplow is given extra work on the last day of school as punishment. He missed a day last week when he was ill. Mr Crocker-Harris, Taplow’s teacher is a hard task-master. He can’t excuse such a lapse. Hence, he gives extra work to Taplow. He doesn’t mind that it is the last working day of the term.

5. Taplow is extremely interested in science but what about Frank, the science teacher?

Answer:- Taplow is anxiously waiting for his remove. If he gets a favourable remove then he will opt for science in the next class. He is ‘extremely interested in science’. But the science teacher, Mr Frank, is not. Not, at least, in the science he has to teach.

6. How is Taplow’s view different from Mr Frank’s regarding Aeschylus’ the ‘Agamemnon?

Answer:- Taplow is extremely interested in science. He doesn’t like literature. He calls ‘The Agamemnon’, a play written by the great Greek dramatist Aeschylus, as ‘muck’. He considers science much more exciting and interesting than literature. Mr Frank thinks differently. He thinks just the opposite of Frank.

7. Why did Taplow have to stay back at school?

Answer:- Mr Crocker-Harris was a hard taskmaster. Taplow, a student of lower fifth standard, missed a day last week when he was ill. But Mr Crocker-Harris was unrelenting. He punished Taplow. He gave extra work to Taplow and that too on the last day of school. So, Taplow had to stay back at school to complete the assignment.

8. How does Taplow react when Frank asks him to ‘cut’?

Answer:- Mr Frank is not very favourably disposed towards Mr Crocker-Harris. Mr Harris doesn’t come on the right time. Frank asks Taplow to ‘cut’ Crocker’s extra work period. Taplow can’t even imagine of doing such a thing. No student has ever done such a thing in the whole teaching career of Mr Harris.

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9. Why does Mr Frank envy Mr Crocker—Harris?

Answer:- Mr Crocker-Harris is more feared than respected. Mr Frank is a young teacher in Mr Crocker’s school. He is envious of his senior colleague. He frankly admits that Mr Crocker-Harris enjoys a wonderful hold over his students. They all seem scared to death of him. He is jealous of Crocker’s authority and ‘effect’ on his students.

10. Taplow says that Mr Crocker-Harris is not a sadist but he is so frightening and hardly human. Elucidate.

Answer:- Taplow doesn’t consider Mr Crocker-Harris a sadist. He doesn’t get pleasure out of giving pain to others. He wouldn’t be so frightening if he were a sadist. Even a sadist shows some feelings. But Mr Crocker-Harris has none. Taplow says that he is ‘all shrivelled up inside like a nut’, He hates people to like him. He doesn’t have natural human feelings.

11. Comment on the ‘classical jokes’ of Mr Crocker-Harris. What did Mr Harris say to Taplow when he laughed at one of his jokes?

Answer:- Sometimes Mr Crocker-Harris made his ‘classical jokes’ in the class. Nobody laughed because nobody understood them. One day out of ordinary politeness, Taplow laughed at one of his jokes out of fun only. Mr Crocker was pleased at the advance Taplow had made in Latin. He laughed at Mr Crocker’s classical jokes in Latin in the whole class feeling sorry for him.

12. Cite an instance in the text that may show that Frank relishes Mr Crocker-Harris being criticised by Taplow?

Answer:- Mr Frank is not straightforward. He is envious of Mr Crocker-Harris and his wonderful hold over his students. When Taplow imitates Mr Crocker-Harris in his throaty voice, Mr Frank relishes it. Not only that. He asks Taplow, ‘Just.......repeat it, would you’? He only pretends to hide his envy for Mr Harris.

13. How do Mr Frank and Taplow react to the sudden arrival of Millie Crocker?

Answer:- Frank and Taplow react differently to the sudden arrival of Millie Crocker. Frank turns to welcome her. He is ‘infinitely relieved’ at seeing her. On the other hand, Taplow is scared. He fears if she has heard what he spoke about Mr Crocker. If she has heard him, she can report his words to Mr Crocker-Harris. Taplow fears that he might not get his remove.

14. Where did Millie send Taplow? What was her purpose?

Answer:- Millie Crocker comes to know that Taplow was waiting for her husband. She tells him that Mr Crocker will take quite a time a reach there. She asks him to run away to a chemist with the prescription and get it made up. Taplow fears in case Mr Crocker-Harris gets there before him. Millie Crocker asks him not to worry about that. She will take the blame on her if it happens.

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Long Question Answer

1. What kind of a teacher and a human being is Crocker-Harris according to Taplow?

Answer:- Mr Crocker-Harris is a middle aged school master. He is a teacher in the traditional mould. He is a strict man who is more feared than respected. He follows rules and regulations with all sincerity. He teaches the lower fifth class. The result is to be officially announced the next day. But Mr Crocker-Harris is different from all other teachers. Other teachers may leak out the result but Mr Harris will never do such a thing. Mr Harris has a wonderful hold over his students. Students seem to be scared to death. He is a hard task-master. Taplow a student of lower fifth standard, missed a day last week when he was ill. But Mr Crocker-Harris is unrelenting. He gives extra work to Taplow and that too on the last day of school. Taplow is worried about his fate. He asks Mr Crocker if he will get his remove. Mr Crocker is evasive as usual. It is very difficult to extract any information from him. But in spite of all these things, Taplow respects Mr Harris as a teacher and a man.

                  In spite of everything, Mr Crocker is not a sadist. He is worse than that. He is totally feelingless and frightening. He lacks spontaneous human feelings. He hates flattery. He is shrivelled up inside like a nut. In spite of all these limitations and weaknesses students like Taplow can’t help liking him. They simply can’t hate him.

2. What picture of Mr Frank do you form after reading ‘The Browning Version’?

Answer:- Mr Frank is a young teacher at Mr Crocker’s school. Actually, he is a colleague of Mr Crocker-Harris. He teaches science to higher classes. When compare to his more senior colleague, Mr Frank fails to come up to Mr Crocker’s stature. He lacks that sense of involvement that Mr Crocker seems to have for studies. He is a science teacher but shows no interest in science. This speaks of his lack of commitment and involvement.

     Mr Frank lacks honesty. He doesn’t seem to care for the rules. In this respect, he is a sharp contrast to Mr Crocker-Harris. Being a teacher, he urges Taplow to cut Crocker-Harris. It is quite unbecoming on his part. He admits his envy for Mr Crocker-Harris. He is envious of the wonderful hold that ,Mr Harris has over his students.

        Mr Frank relishes Taplow criticising Crocker-Harris. He likes Taplow’s imitation of Mr Crocker. Not only that, he encourages Taplow to imitate Harris again. But he poses to appear otherwise. He lacks sincerity and devotion of Mr Crocker-Harris towards his profession. He is overshadowed by a more determined and dominating character.

3. Compare and contrast Crocker-Harris and Frank.

Answer:- Crocker-Harris and Frank are two contrasting characters. In age, outlook and ideas they are two different personalities. They have only one thing in common. They belong to the same school. Frank is young while Crocker-Harris is middle aged. Frank teaches science while Crocker-Harris teaches classical literature. They have different temperaments. Frank is more frank and receptive of the two. Mr Crocker-Harris is reserved and not so social. Frank can mix up with students quite easily. His lengthy conversation with Taplow shows that he is at ease even with the students of lower classes. Frank shows little interest in the subject he teaches. This presents him in poor light as a teacher. On the other hand, Crocker-Harris is a devoted teacher. He has a wonderful hold over his students. He is more feared than respected. He is shrivelled up inside like a nut. He hates flattery. He doesn’t like people who like him.But he is not a sadist. He is frightening. Students seem to be scared to death of him. Even Frank is envious of Crocker’s hold over the students.

              Mr Crocker-Harris follows rules and regulations very strictly. He doesn’t leak out the results before they are formally announced. Frank cares little for such formalities. Frank relishes Taplow’s imitation and criticism of Crocker-Harris. But Mr Crocker- Harris has no interest and time for such things. He is unique. He can give extra work to student even on the last day of school.

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