The Adventure | Hornbill Chapter 7

The Adventure

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Notice these expressions in the text. Infer their meaning from the context

Blow-by-blow account

De facto

Morale booster


Relegated to

Doctored accounts

Political acumen

Gave vent to

Answer:- Blow-by-blow account:- detailed account. In the text “The Adventure” this expression occurs in the context of Gangadharpant trying to understand the outcome of the Battle of Panipat by reading a book on the topic.

Morale booster: anything that serves to increase morale or confidence. The expression occurs in the text ‘Adventure’ where it is told that the Marathas emerged victorious in the Battle of Panipat which increased their morale or confidence in establishing their supremacy all over the country.

       Relegated to: assigned to a lower rank or position . In the text it is said how Dadasaheb, a Maratha Chieftain was assigned to a lower rank after the Battle of Panipat.

       Political acumen: political shrewedness with keen insight. In the text ‘The Adventure’ the expression is used to convey how Madhavrao and Vishwasrao because of their Shrewedness could expand their influence all over India.

De facto: existing in fact whether with lawful authority or not. In the text ‘Adventure’ the Peshwas are regarded as de facto rulers as they kept the Mughal regime alive in Delhi.

       Astute: marked by practical hardheaded intelligence. In the text ‘The Aventure’ this word is used to convey that the Peshwas were very intelligent to recognise the importance of technological age dawning in Europe.

       Doctored accounts: manipulation of accounts. This expression conveys that the Bakhars were not providing historical facts but manipulated account of history.

       Give vent to: to express one’s feelings and ideas. Professor Gaitonde expressed his ideas in the public lecture on the Battle of Panipat.


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Understanding The Text

True or false 

1. The story is an account of real events.

Answer:- False

2. The story hinges on a particular historical events.

Answer:- True

3. Rajendra Deshpande was a historian.

Answer:- False

4. The places mentioned in the story are all imaginery.

 কাহিনীটোত উল্লেখ কৰা ঠাইবোৰ সকলো কল্পনা।

Answer:- False

5. The story tries to relate history to science.

Answer:- True

II. Briefly explain the following statements from the text.

1. ‘You neither travelled to the past nor the future. You were in the present experiencing a different world’.

Answer:- This statement was said by Rajendra to Professsor Gaiitonde. He made a transistion from one world to another and back again. By making a transistion, he was able to experience two worlds although one at a time. He neither travelled to the past nor to the future. He was in the present world but experiencing a different world.

2. ‘You have passed through a fantastic experience: or more correctly a catastrophic experience’.

Answer- This statement was made by Rajendra to Prof. Gaitonde in the text The Adventure by Jayant Vishnu Narlikar. Gangadhar had passed through a strange experience. He had the experience of living in two world, one he lived in now and other where he had spent two days.

3. Gangadharpant could not help comparing the country he knew with what he was witnessing around him.

Answer:- Gangadharpant knew India which had seen the decline of Peshwas and experienced the slavery of the British. But the India he had seen in two days was completely different. It had not been subjected to slavery for the whiteman. It was self dependent and enjoyed self respect. He compared the two countries the one that he knew already and other that he was witnessing around him. Both had different histories.

4. ‘The lack of determinism inn quantum theory!’

Answer:- Professor Gaitonde had decided to give a big library at Bombay and browse through history books. Then he would find have a long talk with Rajendra Deshpande. He hoped that Rajendra would help him understand what had happened.

5. ‘You need some interaction to cause a transition’.

Answer:- This Bombay was under the British Raj. An Anglo-Indian in unform checked permits. Each of the blue carriages of GBMR had the tiny Union Jack painted on it. The Victoria Terminus station looked very neat and clean. The staff was mostly of Anglo-Indians and Parsee along with a handful of british officers.

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Talking About The Text 

1. Why do you think Professor Gaitonde decided never to preside over meetings again?

Answer:- Professor Gaitonde was experiencing a different version of the Battle of Panipat. According to this version, the Marathas emerged victorious in the Battle and started extending influence over the entire country. His mind was actually witnessing a different version of the historical reality. Interestingly, he was not conforming to the conventions. The event was a lecture session on the outcomes of the Battle of Panipat. In this lecture session Prof. Gaitonde observed that the chair and started explaining the need of a President in a lecture session like this. The public got angry on this point and started throwing objects on him. He had a harrowing experience. This led him to decide not to preside over meetings again.

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