Why insect became paste?


Why insect became paste?

1)Firstly some previously harmless insect became paste after their accidental intro to areas outside their native range where they escape from controlling influence of their natural anime's. Such range extension
have allowed many previously innocuous phytophagous insect to flourish as paste.

2)Secondly an insect harmless until it became a vector of a plant or animal pathogen. But that pathogen may caused diseases in human or animal.

3) Thirdly native insect may became paste if they move from native plants on to introduced one such host switching is common for polyphagous or oligophagous insects.

For ex. 2 the oligophagous colorado potato bitter Switch from other solanaceous host plant to potato during 19
th century.

Theory of co-evolution

Co-evolution is the process of reciprocal evolution changed that occurs between pairs of species or among groups of species as they interact with one another. The activity of each species that participate in the interaction applies selection pressure on the others. In a predator prey interaction for example – The emmergens of faster prey may select against who or anable to keep pace.

Co- evolution is one of the primary method by which biological communities are organised . It can lead to a very specialised relationship between species such as between pollinator & plants, between prey &
between parasite & host. It may also faster the evolution of new species in cases where individual populations of interacting species separate from their greater meta population for long periods of time.

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