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Oogenesis or formation of Ova or egg on graffian follicle.

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 The formation of ova or egg in the graffian follicle of the ovary is called Oogenesis.

It is divided into three phases-

📌Multiplication Phase.

📌Growth Phase.

📌Maturation Phase.

In the multiplication Phase primordial sprm cell form four oogonia or ovum mother cell. It occurs throythr repeated multiple Mitotic cell division at the foetus of female sex organ ovary.

  After formation of Oogonia growth phase also start. It's a very long process. During this phase primary oocyte enters into Meiosis division and form secondary oocyte and first par body. Again it enters into 2nd Meiosis division and form secondary oocyte with one polar body and 1st Polar body form two second polar body. 

  At that phase through the process of Pre-viteliogenesis Cytoplasm and Nucleus developed and Yolk are Synthesis through the process of Viteliogenesis.

At the maturation Phase entry of a motile mature sperm fused and form a mature ova or egg.

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