Spermatogenesis & Structural changes during this process

 Spermatogenesis & Structural changes during this process:

During spermatogenesis spermatid containing substances are structurally change to form a sperm structure. In this case observing changes are described below-

📌Shape & Size changes in Nucleus: Spermatid containing round nucleus turn into oval and elongated shaped. It is the main part of a sperm and is situated at the head of the sperm.

📌Changes in Golgibodie:- 

Golgi body (Vascile, ) are aggregate at the top above the nucleus and form a granular structure called Acrosome.

📌Changes of centromere:- 

Centromere change into proximal centriole just below the nucleus and neck of the sperm.

📌Mitochondrial :-

It is present as twisted in the surrounding of the axial filament.

📌Cytoplasm :- 

present on the head & upper portion of the axial filament.

📌Ring centriole

📌Axial filament - 

It start from just below of the proximal centriole.

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