Why insect became paste?

Insect Paste 

Insect Paste or pesticide insect

There are 3 points givven bellow , why insect become paste-

1)Firstly some previously harmless insect became paste after their accidental intro to areas outside their
native range where they escape from controlling influence of their natural anime's. Such range extension
have allowed many previously innocuous phytophagous insect📸 to flourish as paste.

2)Secondly an insect harmless until it became a vector of a plant or animal pathogen. But that pathogen
may caused diseases in human or animal.

3) Thirdly native insect may became paste if they move from native plants on to introduced one such
host switching is common for polyphagous or oligophagous insects.
For ex. 2 the oligophagous colorado potato bitter

Some Harmful insects:

 American Oil Beetle (Meloe americanus)


Asian multi-coloured Lady beetle,

Assassin Bug,

Bed bug,

Black carpenter Ant,

Boll weevil,

Black Legged Tick,

Cow killer,

Dogbane Leaf Beetle,

Rose chater beetle. 

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