Sex Linked

 Sex Linked

     Sex linked character and observable feature of an organism control by the genes on the chromosome that determine the chromosome of both male and female . This linked inheritance is straight carried in either the X or the Y-chromosome is more likely to be express in male as they have only one X-chromosome .

    The presents of two X-chromosome in female can suppress expression when one of them the genes for strait & the other doesn’t. X- linked trait fold and many categories like- recessive , dominant & co-dominant which influence their expression  in member of both the  sexes. A trait due to a gene in the Y-chromosome will only show it male & not in female .

Ex. Of ex linked trait is colour blindness ,  Haemophilia , hairy ear.

Sex limited trait : Sex limited genes are gene which are present in male & female both sexes probably  in the autosome. But are normally express only in the gender having the appropriate hormonal determiner. The genes for the trait can be carried & transmitted by the opposite sex although it is not displayed in that sex be of anatomical & physiological different.

Ex. Of beard in males, Milk secretion in female are generally sex limited trait.

# Sex influence trait :- These are autosomal trait. That are influence by sex.  The character seems to at as a dominant in one sex & they recessive  in the other. Sex control character also called sex influence character .

A genetically control feature that may appear in organism in both sexes but it express to a different degree in each. The character seems to at as dominant one sex & the recessive in the other .

Ex. Of sex I  trait is male pattern boldness, length of index finger.

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