Sex Determination

 Sex Determination:

 Members of all species are often divided into 2 section. According to their kind of gametes or sex cells produced by them be i.e. male sex & female sex. Each type is physiologically incapable of conjugation mating among themselves but may exchange genetic material with any of the other type within the same variety.

Sex Chromosome

   Further in organisms in which the number of sex is reduced to just two sexes may reside in different individuals or within the same individual. An animal possessing both male & female reproductive organs is usually referred to as Hermaphrodite . The sex cells & reproductive organs from the primary sexual characters of male & female sex cell. Besides this primary sexual characters the male & the female sex cells differ from each other in many somatic characters known as secondary sexual characters. The phenomenon of molecular, morphological, sexual characters. The phenomenon of molecular, morphological, physiological or behavioral differentiation between male and female sexes is known as sexual dimorphism.

The phenomenon of sexual dimorphism has been a tropic for biologist of all time. Many hypothesis have been proposed for the sex determination of an individual. The mechanism of the sex determination may be classified into the following three main groups-
1. Environmental 
2. Chromosomal Mechanism of Sex Determination
3. Genetic Mechanism of Sex Determination.

Chromosomal Mechanism of Sex Determination: 

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