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Mouth parts of insects::


Insects have undergone adapted diversity in all possible habited thus insect have developed different feeding habit. as their food vereusly. so, for this purpose, they got certain appendages in their head around the mouth. This appendages together constitute mouth part.

  The mouth parts of insect include a pair of mandibles, a pair of labium or first maxillae & the lower
lip represented by fused second pair of maxillae.
The mouth parts of insect r however classified into following 5 types.

1)Biting & chowing type: It is the most primitive as the other type are through to be evolved from this consist of the labrum following upper lip, mandibles first maxillae, second maxillae forming lower lip,
  Hypopherynx & there Epipherynx: This type of mouth parts are found in orthopteran insect like cockroach, grasshopper, cricket etc. Some hymepterans & in caterpillar lepidoptera.

2)Chowing & Lapping type: This type of mouth parts are modified for collecting the necter & pollen from flowers & also for Moulton the wax as is found in honey bees, wasps etc. This type of mouth parts consist of labrum, epipherynx, mandibles, first pair of maxillae & 2nd pair of maxillae.

3) pearcing & sucking: This type of mouth parts are adapted for pearcing the tissues of animals & plants to suck blood & plant juice, found in diapterans insect like mosquitoes & hemipterans insect like bug , aphids etc.

4) Spooning type: This type of mouth parts are adapted for sucking up liquid or semi-liquid food & found in house flies etc. They consist of labrum epipherynx, maxillae, labium & hypopharynx, mandible entirely absent. Labium is modified to form long fleshy & retractile proboses .

5) Siphoning: this type of mouth parts are adapted for sucking flowers necter & food juice found in
butterflies & modhs of order lapidoptera.

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