Mendels Law of inheritance

 Mendel's Law of inheritance 

The basis of experiment Mendel put forward a some laws which a latter known as the Mendel’s law of Inheritance. This law include law of unit character,  law of dominance, law of segregation.

1. Law of Unit Character: All characters of the plant are unit by themselves, being independent of one another. So far as rare inheritance is each corner. There are certain factors or determiners of unit characters. This determiners control the expression of characters during development of the plant. One of each pair of unit characters comes from the father & the other comes from the mother. In the F2 generation these 2 unique characters split up in definite proportion.

2. Law of Dominance: Of the 2 contrasting hereditary unique character the one that express in F2 generation is called Dominant & the other which remains laten is calles recessive. For ex.: If tall & dwarf plants are cross then tallness being the dominant character over the dwarfness. All plant in the F1 generation will be tall. But Dwarfness which remains latent in F1 generation with express itself in F2 generation. Similarly round seeded plant is dominant over wrinkle seeded plant. Yellow seeded plant is dominant over green seeded plant.

3. Law of segregation: Due to dominant factor, all plants of F1 generation will exhibit the characters of their dominant parent. The recessive character will however remain present in the somatic cells of the F1 individuals throughout their whole life but during the formation of gamens by reduction division each contrasting character segregate out & if such plant of F1 generations are allowed to be self polynated then the resultant individual will show characters of either parent. That is both the parental characters of the parents remain suppressed in F2 generation. It means that the contrasting characters doesnot blend, contraminate or affect each other. While they are together in the hybrid in F1 generation or in subsequent generation Mendel thought that there was something which was transmitted from the parent to the offspring without undergoing any modification. This different genes responsible for different characters segregate out in pure form an pass on to different gamete. This law is also called the law of purity of gametes or law of segregation.  


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