Insect Head

Insect Head 

Insect Head (source: I. S Caption)

The insect head is strongly connect by their neck and it is so flaxible. Its bears the 📷mouth part antennae📷  compund eyes and oceli. In out side it is marked by groves inside the internal skeleton. The structure of head is serves to strengthen the head and provide attachment to the muscle as well as supporting and protecting the Brain.

   The head is derived from premetive pre oval and post oval segments. In molecular studies the drosophila have seven head segments. The last three segments are called post oval and invented by sub esophysial ganglion. The are also called gnathal segments. The pre oval part invented by brain. The forehead innervates the compound eyes📷 and mid brain innervates the antennae

Different Types of Insect Head

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