Function of Hormone ovary

 Function of Hormone ovary:

  In adult women the ovary secrets a number of hormon amongs which are sex steroids likr estrogen, progesterone, androgen and their precursor. In addition the ovary also synthesizes relaxin, inhibiting prostogalartic and other substa. The granular cells of ovarian fossiclr secrets estrogen & endrogen. Whereas the lethal cell secret most of the progesterone & little amount of estrogen.

Physiological role of ovarian Hormone: Ovarian steroid stimulate the growth & development of female reproductive organs & secondary sex organs. Ovulation, pregnancy, parturition are also control by different ovarian sex steroids & peptides. 

A) Estrogen:

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1// Development of secondary sex characters: During puberty estrogen stimulates the growth of
reproductive system like eutoclols fallopian tube. A vagina it also enhances the growth of mammary duct system. Secondary sex character like female of pibic hair, distribution & accumulation of fat around its & breast are also control by estrogen.

2// Regulation of reproductive cycle: During the follicular phase of mensural cycle estrogen cause proliferation & hypertrophy of citation endometrium & euterion gland. During mid cycle sudden fallen
estrogen lvl. Stimulates & upcharge of LH secretion that cause ovulation & subsequent formation of corpus luteum & progesterone secretion.

3// Anabolic effect: Endrogen has a significant anabolic effect on protein synthesis by the liver. It also
increases the plasma protein that bind irons & copper & the lvl. Of HDL & LDL. 

4// Effect on bone & other organs: E. Hlp in retention of Ca2+ & phosphate in the bones. It decreases the bone resorption rate but don't stimulates bone formation.


B) Progesterone:
1.Effect on reproductive cycle: In the lethal phase of natural cycle progesterone enhancess the growth of uterian endocrine & glands.

2. Maintenance of Pregnancy: progesterone Is essential for the dominant as well as implantation of mammalian blastocyst in the endometrium.

3. Effect On Oxitosin receptor: The no. Of OR in the uterus depends on estrogen & progesterone.

4. Effect On Lactatia:"> The progesterone Lwvwl falls near the hand of pragnancy which kept lactation in temporary suspension during pregnancy 
Effct. on reproductive cycle: in the lethal phase of natural cycle progesterone enhances the growth of uterian endocrine & glands.

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